From hospitality group, CH Projects, and two-Michelin-starred executive chef, Jason McLeod, comes this new cocktail and breakfast restaurant in Little Italy. Occupying the 4000ft2 second-storey of a property overlooking the Piazza della Famiglia, Morning Glory benefits from Paul Basile’s fresh and unexpected  approach to interior design. 

Indeed, Basile’s bold and unapologetic design style is emanantly visible from the outside in. Between its moving store front and high-polish copper siding, bi-folding Mary Kay pink steel windows and brass and copper neon egg sign, the restaurant’s exterior makes an immediate mark on its landscape. 

Morning Glory’s interior, meanwhile, offers a lively 1980s vibe. A palette of pink, terrazzo and muted green blend sits side by side with early Frank Wright-inspired walnut finishes, mixed metals, and signature-inspired architectural lighting and chandelier installations.

As with all BASILE designs, the project has been almost entirely custom fabricated in-house at the firm’s downtown San Diego design studio, and installed on-site by Basile’s team of artisans. These striking bespoke pieces take the restaurant’s interior to the next level, offering completely unique and boundary-pushing forms. 

Within the main dining area, for example, there are some truly striking seating areas. A custom two-toned dusty rose “lipstick booth” is joined by an organic Douglas Fir carved booth system, which required over 400 hours of CNC carving from digital files to achieve its ergonomic form and angular design features.

The starburst – a copper clad and back-lit pink acrylic with projected moving human eye – acts as the visual centrepiece of the space. As it ages, the copper material will eventually patinate, taking on a blue/green hue. 

Other highlights include the craft cocktail bar, where a unique custom chandelier soffit, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass pieces, has been installed. The back-lit walnut, brass and acrylic-cast rod chandelier has been painted with automotive copper high-gloss, which is echoed in the copper detailing within the liquor storage and back bar. 

The bar face itself features a red oak trim and rolled brass rods with copper trim underneath a Titanium bar top. Gathered around it are retro diner-style teardrop stools, made from quilted leather and suede in a two-toned dusty rose.

Within the patio seating area, meanwhile, booths with rectangular pink marble table tops feature green marble “Morning Glory” logo inserts. Stainless steel spheres support two-tone purple velvet and houndstooth seating installations, while the flooring throughout is a pink and green checkered terrazzo tile.