The Gettys Group is behind the interiors and branding of Hotel LeVeque, a new Autograph Collection hotel within Ohio’s iconic LeVeque Tower. 

Though no longer counted amongst the world’s tallest buildings, the LeVeque Tower still cuts a resplendent figure in Columbus’ skyline. Its original art deco architecture and rich heritage – the tower once served as an aerial lighthouse for Amelia Earhart – were a key source of inspiration for The Gettys Group when creating the interior scheme for its stylish new hotel. 

“In January of 2014, The Gettys Group was engaged to provide branding and interior design services to integrate an Autograph Collection hotel into the iconic LeVeque Tower in Columbus, Ohio,” explains Ron Swidler –principal, branding.

“We quickly began to conceptualise how a hotel might be incorporated into the restoration and redevelopment plans for this historic building. Our brief was to start by unearthing and creating a compelling brand story that would celebrate this building, its history and essence and its promise to future guests.

“As with all of our projects, we begin with a brand story or foundation, and then build an aesthetic around that rich script.”

Inspired by the LeVeque Tower’s prominence within the skyline, The Gettys Group has created the hotel’s interior and branding around the concept of the hotel as a “beacon of hospitality”. Celestial and astrological themes, complete with deep blues and golds, bring this identity to life. Within the hotel’s lobby, for example, a custom starscape chandelier soars above the main lobby seating, representing the points of light in the night sky.

“The LeVeque Tower is lavishly adorned with architectural art deco embellishments and astrological symbology, including starscape murals, terracotta panels of planets and stars, cast-bronze elevator doors with Greek constellations and more,” says Ben Nicholas – principal, interior design.

“We were inspired to build upon this design language, creating a collection of branded identity elements and touchpoints as well as a composed palette and collection of FF&E inspired by residential interiors, to anchor our brand story to the beauty of the building. We based this story around Hotel LeVeque as the star of the Columbus skyline.”

The renovation of the hotel was not straightforward, as one might expect of a historic property such as this. The complexity of the project, the multi-use nature of the building and the historic tax credit application and approval process all brought their own complications, but Hotel LeVeque now stands as an example of how valuable historic reinvigoration and reinvestment can be.

“We are thrilled with how the hotel and brand experience turned out,” affirms Ron Swidler. “When we provide both branding and interior design – and ideally, procurement as well – The Gettys Group can craft a complete and compelling story with our collaborative clients and the brand.

“The result is an engaging and immersive experience that starts online and carries seamlessly and consistently through the entire stay.”

Imagery  © Nicholas James